Moodtalk is used in different team situations. Learn how.

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The New Squad

Align your new team within weeks
New teams or teams with new employees need some time to adjust to the changes. Bring the team up to speed in weeks and not months and understand the individual needs from day one on.
Early reaction is key
Situations change overtime and in the early days the team constellation is fragile. Use a data-driven approach to understand challenges of employees early and approach these challenges at the right time.

The “do more with less”

Work efficiently and sustainably
The pressure on leaders and employee is increasing. Many teams have to do more with less because of the economic situation. How can we as a team work more efficient but in a sustainable way? Discuss this with the team survive the pressure.
Early reaction is key
In times of stress and high pressure, your team doesn’t have time for inefficient team talks. Prepare with Moodtalk these team talks and focus the discussion on problem solution and not problem finding.
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The Agile Champions

Improve your agile collaboration
Teams often discuss in the daily standups project challenges but forget to discuss how they can collaborate better. We bring up these topics and help you to fill this cap.
Structure for your team talks
Agile teams often struggle to structure the team talks and prioritize the important topics. We do this for you in a very efficient way and give you more time to address the important topics.
Track the changes
It is sometimes difficult to see how you have improved your collaboration. We do this for you and let you celebrate the improvements in your team.
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The Transformation Warriors

One simple overview
With Moodtalk, you get away from leading by gut feeling and see at a glance what issues are keeping your team busy. Modern leaders lead with data insights.
Cross-team topics visualized
A major challenge for leaders is to understand cross-team topics and tackle them. We help you to react early on with effective initiatives.
Best practices from over 900 Moodtalks
Use the date from more than 900 Moodtalks to see how similar challenges were solved in other teams and what initiatives were used.
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