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Facilitate team conversations and improve collaboration. Smart and simple.

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>130 Teams that Moodtalk work better together.

of the teams report a better team collaboration because of more transparency and clarity.
reduction of fluctuation because you can act early on.
increase of team mood after six month because of higher appreciation at work.

Moodtalk ensures that you know what’s on your teams mind before the team meeting.

Empower your team to bring up topics before you sit together.
Get a structure for your regular team talk.
Follow changes in your team and celebrate success.
Define rules for collaboration - and update them frequently
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What our customers say

Moodtalk gave us a whole new perspective on collaboration issues and enabled us to act early.
Erich, CEO, first frame networkers ag
The result of Moodtalk is that teams work together much more effectively and efficiently, and a space is created in which topics are discussed that were not addressed before.
Fabian, Co-Founder, Sevensense Robotics
We no longer have to spend 30-60 minutes in the team discussing what the issues actually are and what's on everyone's mind, but can directly tackle these issues together and work out solutions.
Janine, Vice Director, Hotel Management School Thun

Why use Moodtalk?

More openness
More efficiency.
Take time for team talks on the “How”.
More appreciation
More satisfaction.
Show that you care about your team.
Happy team
Happy clients.
Show to your clients, that your the best team.

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