The We care. We Moodtalk.® certificate

The teams of the first frame networkers received the Moodtalk certificate on June 1st, 2022 and actively live a caring culture, with an open and regular team exchange, along the ESG principles.
The teams regularly exchange information about working together and live an open feedback culture.
The certified teams promote an active team exchange by regularly conducting a team exchange (mood talk) to discuss and tackle team-specific topics. Everyone in the team has the opportunity to contribute topics and propose rules for cooperation.
The teams are constantly working to improve cooperation and actively promote your personal development.
You have the opportunity to regularly make suggestions for improvement and also to contribute personal development goals.
The management of the first frame networkers takes cross-team topics of cooperation seriously and actively tackles them.
The topics that you bring up in the mood talk flow into organizational development and are actively addressed.

Also listen to the podcast by CEO
Erich Steiner on the subject:

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