One platform to facilitate team talks and improve collaboration.

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Team Meeting

How do we as a team collaborate in an efficient and sustainable way?

Dynamic Team Charter

Guided definition of collaboration rules
New and existing teams need time to react to changes. Bring the team up to speed in weeks and not months and understand the individual needs from day one on.
Track your changes
A simple overview on what you have achieved as a team and how you improved the team collaboration and satisfaction of employees.
Regular reflection
Regularly refelcting on your team charter with your team helps you identify and address changing needs and expectations. Don’t be one of these leaders that does this once a year.

Team Talk Guide

Get structured and honest inputs from your team
Every good meeting is well prepared. A short survey (1 minute) gives every employee the chance to speak up and add the things to the agenda, which really matter.
Easy preparation for the team talk
Moodtalks summarizes all team topics and gives the moderator tips and tools to prepare for the team talk based on learnings from experts and over 900 Moodtalks.
Expert feedbacks on current challenges
Do you have a specific question or would like to pre discuss the next Moodtalk? Ask one of our experts for tips and insights.

Data Insights and Benchmarks

One simple overview
With Moodtalk, you get away from leading by gut feeling and see at a glance what issues are keeping your team busy. Modern leaders lead with data insights.
Cross-team topics visualized
A major challenge for leaders is to understand cross-team topics and tackle them. We help you to react early on with effective initiatives.
Best practices from over 900 Moodtalks
Use the date from more than 900 Moodtalks to see how similar challenges were solved in other teams and what initiatives were used.

Resources & Community

Leadership Resource Library
Get access to a unique resource library which is growing with every Moodtalk. We have curated tools and tips to improve your leadership communication skills.
Leadership Circles
Talk with other leaders in a similar situation and learn from over 300 years of leadership experience. We connect you based on your needs with other leaders.
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