About Moodtalk

Every team situation is different but there are patterns we can see.

From 2021 until today
The history of Moodtalk
The three co-founders, Jonas, Loris and Cyrill know from their own experience how difficult it is to create an team environment in which people speak up early in order to create an efficient and sustainable team collaboration. That’s why they have made it their mission to make team talks easy.

The Moodtalk AG was founded in 2021 in the beautiful canton of Uri and the product went live in January 2022.

With its  hybrid platform, Moodtalk now focus on effective and sustainable team collaboration through an open and honest dialogue.

Our team

Cyrill Inderbitzin
Lead Product
Loris Niederberger
Lead Business Development
Jonas Purtschert
Lead Technology

Our advisors

Beat Fellman
Daniel Heller
Partner, BoD
Sonia Sidu
Program Manager Mental Health.
Hans Werner
President Careum
Ex. HR Lead
Stefanie Hafner
Expert in Gen Z &Psychology
Roland . Känel
Prof., Head of Clinic for Consiliary Psych. & Psychosomatics
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